As a Festival or EDM photographer you're responsible for the visual memories of the festival/event. Most festivals are just one day so you need to work quickly to capture the right moments, the essence of dance, the special effects, the people - all those amazing details that have been months in the making. These stunning visual captures can then be used to promote the next festival edition. It's a huge responsibility, and it's not always a one-man job. That's why most of the (bigger) festivals work in teams as well. 

Nowadays there are a lot of festivals to choose from. Twenty years ago there were almost none. This trend looks set to continue with the number of festivals worldwide ever increasing. Festival fans will become more discerning as they can no longer attend all the events on offer. They'll need to choose carefully which events they'll attend. 

It's definitely in the festival's best interest to stand out and attract potential visitors. As 90% of today's festival goers will find their next destination via social media or related channels, images are incredibly important. By creating the best possible visual memories through photos and video you'll ensure you get the attention your festival or event needs. 

Feel free to check out my recent work, and then I'd love to have a chat about the possibilities of capturing unique images for you to use.