Amsterdam is a beautiful place. This is why so many choose to host events here. Whether you live here or you are a visitor, you will want to make the most out of everything. Part of that is having an excellent photographer on scene for your event. Hiring my services for an Amsterdam photographer will give you access to professional photography, high quality images, and results that you expect from any photographer. I can work with a variety of clients and job types all over the Amsterdam area. When I am working, the client and the art are top priority to ensure only the best results for the photos.

The type of photography I do includes:

A successful event needs 3 things; a good organisation, happy guests and a great photographer :)
— Remy de Klein
  • Events
  • Exhibitions and Conferences
  • Architecture / Interior
  • Corporate events
  • Press events
  • And many more..

I work for professionals looking for a professional photographer in Amsterdam. Above are some of the types of jobs that I take, and any others are around the same type. I specialize in bringing out the best in every event and location to maintain local architecture, bring out colors and designs, and give viewers of the photographs an idea of what the event was like or what the location is like. It is the perfect way to bring a location or event to the world and let them know all about it.

All photos come out in high quality and with the looks that you had expected. The art and the quality of the images are top priorities here. To have an image that offers the desired look into the event or location is imperative. That is what you have with every photograph. This is because I hold a strong dedication to what I do as a photographer in Amsterdam.

Along with a dedication to this work, I also have a dedication to clients. I want to make sure that every client receives images that suit their needs. Most images are for professional purposes so they have to meet high standards before use.

The main aspect of my work is professionalism. My clients and I are all professionals, no matter the field. As professionals, there are certain expectations on work produced. I want to meet these expectations and the high standards of every client. I work with every client directly to understand the direction desired and to get an idea of the final product the client wants. Professionalism is an important piece of being a capable, respected Amsterdam photographer.

Feel free to have a chat about the possibilities or feel free to check out my recent work.

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